In an attempt to spur more productivity and kick writer’s block to the curb, I’m going to write a bunch of short stories using Pokemon battle moves as the titles and thematic framework. Because I’m still in love with the Pokemon games and will probably never outgrow them. I enjoy writing stories based on prompts, because they’re springboards that could take me anywhere. I love seeing where it may lead and end. These will be original stories, not about Pokemon itself (which would make that fanfiction). Pokemon is merely the inspiration. A few words can sprout off into a bunch of tangents and endless possibilities. It’s just a matter of choosing which path to take. An issue I’d like to work on is tightening and trimming my narrative, because I tend to make my stories quite long. I aim to pack in as much as I can in a few words.

My own favorite moves to use in Pokemon games that I might use as short story titles:
Shadow Ball
Close Combat
Dragon Dance
Shadow Sneak
Poison Jab
Draco Meteor

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