Interzone sent me a 44-day “almost but not quite” rejection for “Diver:”

“Many thanks for sending “Diver”. Plenty of good stuff here but I’m sorry to say that I don’t feel it’s quite right for Interzone. Hate to disappoint, but I wish you luck placing this story elsewhere and hope you’ll send me another one soon.

Best wishes,

I have to admit that this one stings a bit more than the rest, because as the wait dragged on, I had hope and, despite myself, my head was full of “wouldn’t it be nice if it got accepted” thoughts. The majority of rejections take 1-3 days, so my 44-day one likely means that he was really considering it. I kind of wish the editor was more specific in pointing out the strengths and flaws of the story, but perhaps I’m asking for too much. I’m happy that the editor found some merit in the story, even if it wasn’t enough to completely win him over to an acceptance. I’ll use this as a nudge in the right direction to keep writing and submitting.

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