15-day personal rejection from Liminal Stories for “Phlegethon”:

“Dear Allison,

Thank you for sending “Phlegethon” to Liminal.  While we appreciate the opportunity to review your work, we will have to pass on this submission.  The story is well done, but not quite right for us.

We hope you find a good home for this story, and we look forward to your next submission.  Thanks for the read — this has great atmosphere, and I enjoyed the family dynamic.

Shannon Peavey
Senior Editor”

Heard many good things about Liminal Stories being prompt and encouraging with their rejections, so I decided to give them a shot. I’m not disappointed (well, a little, but not as much as I usually would with a form rejection). This had me tickled pink, considering that the editors themselves said that they don’t hand out personals freely, but ~15% of the time. Any kind of professional, unbiased feedback on my submissions are nuggets of gold. I’d definitely submit to them again if I feel I got a story right for them.

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