I took a look at the story I sent to Clarion West, and I kind of wish I didn’t. One of my beta readers got back to me late, and through him I realized I had a spelling mistake (wrote “ascent” when I meant “assent”) and an apostrophe omission despite double-checking for typos. While I heard that a slip-up or two won’t break the deal, I still facepalmed at my carelessness. There’s nothing I can do about it, because changes aren’t allowed once submissions are sent. Uuuugh.

Seems that double-checking isn’t good enough. At least this teaches me to triple-check for my Clarion UCSD submissions, and submissions in general. Doesn’t hurt to be too careful.

3 thoughts on “Checking-story-after-submission Woes

  1. Speaking as a former magazine editor, I can tell you this kind of small mistake isn’t a deal-breaker. There’s a reason we edit manuscripts before they go to print. Even the best writer’s make mistakes (and even the best editors sometimes miss them). 😉


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