23-day form rejection from Liminal Stories for “Diver.” I was hoping for an encouraging personal rejection like the one I got for “Phlegethon,” considering it was held longer and others who had submitted the same day I did got personals, but alas. Funny how I got the same personal first then form next treatment by Interzone, except the order I sent the stories were switched around. There are a lot of factors going on behind the curtain that play into the decision. No use in dwelling on it for too long. Just gotta keep submitting.

4 thoughts on “Short Story Rejection #16

  1. Liminal is a good market. Not many new publications out there offering six cents per word. Have you sent anything to Pseudopod yet? Great market with a really nice editorial staff. I’ve published one with them, and they tend to send personal rejections with solid feedback.

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    1. No, I haven’t written anything horror yet, but I’m open to the right time and idea when it hits me. I’m more of a sci-fi and pre-modern fantasy writer. I really look forward to subbing to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which also has a good rep with giving feedback.

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      1. I’ve subbed to Podcastle once and got a personal. I’ll definitely try again. 🙂 As a Catholic with a science background, I have interests include exorcism and body horror, so I’ll eventually cook up something scary. That’s awesome you got a story in for Pseudopod.

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