Why the double whammy? I submitted to the POC Take Over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination issue. (The regular FSI put up its last hurrah and ceased publication a few weeks ago.) Guidelines permitted sending up to 2 stories. Neither of them got in, but Nisi Shawl left an encouraging note:

“Allison, unfortunately I’ve determined that neither of your stories quite fit our content needs for People of Color Take Over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination.  “Diver” in particular came very close.  But I was only able to pick four stories out of over a hundred submissions!  So I won’t be including your work in this publication, but I wish you every success with it, and I thank you for the opportunity to consider it.

Sincerely, Nisi Shawl, Editor

P.S.: Based on your submission, I have a strong feeling you are going to do well–if you aren’t doing well already!”

Welp, haven’t made a pro-sale yet, but if Nisi Shawl foresees good things for me, how can I give up? I’ll keep at it for sure.

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