March 14: Rejection from Clarion UCSD
March 20: Rejection from Clarion West

Oh well, there goes my first time applying. I’m glad I went to Writefest last week and found the community of writers I’d been looking for, otherwise I’d feel a lot more dejected and alone with this news. I won’t deny that I’m disappointed, because I felt like I put out my best work to date and opened up my heart onto the personal statements, which took a great deal of courage and effort, but it’ll be ok.

I’ve found that it’s actually very common for people to apply many times before getting in. Two or three times is the usual. I believe someone got in after SIX times? So I try to look at this as one step closer to acceptance. I’ve got 2 more free summers, so 2 more chances, and even if I have to call it quits after trying, Clarion is by no means the only way to be a great writer. There are plenty of people who go on to success and established a network without Clarion, MFAs, other workshops, etc. What matters is the words you’re writing and putting out, the kind of work you want to share, not necessarily your credentials.

Maybe this year isn’t my year. To be honest I’m kind of relieved I didn’t get in, otherwise I’d have to come up with all the money and quit my temporary job, which will really help me for medical school. So it looks my summer will be work and more writing. I’ll fire shots at Clarion for 2 more summers and see what happens.

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