First time ever submitting to WOTF, and after a 137-day turnaround, I got notice that I earned Silver Honorable Mention for Q1. I had submitted “Diver,” the sci-fi story with a queer Japanese-American FBI agent and mind infiltration. This actually works out really well…it’s been a whopping 137-day turnaround, and have since made significant revisions and rearranged important scenes thanks to beta reader input. Looking back, what I’ve sent to WOTF is not something I’d want set in stone and published for everyone to see. Still, for what’s now an imperfect draft to get honorable mention, that’s pretty cool. Honestly it’s in that weird situation where I’m not sure whether to file this as an acceptance or rejection. Alas, no publication or money with the award, but I do get a nifty certificate that I plan on framing, so it’ll look nice on my wall.

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