“Tucked In the Folds of Our Eyes,” the first flash story I’ve attempted and finished, got a surprise acceptance at Remixt Magazine: an experimental project in which multiple guest editors curate the same submission pool to gauge their tastes and test for possibilities of publication overlap. 3 editors were interested in publishing my story. According to Julia Rios, the overall manager of Remixt, that’s a record number of editors liking a story. In the past, up to 2 editors were interested in a piece. Most of the time it’s just 1 editor. Overlap was rare. Contributors get paid a fixed amount for each editor who likes a story. Honestly (with a twinge of shame), considering that I rushed to finish the story in time for the deadline, I didn’t expect to make it in, let alone have multiple editors pick it.

“Tucked In the Folds of Our Eyes” combines the diaspora narrative, Vietnam’s creation myth (dragon+fairy=Vietnamese people), and jabs at the perpetuation of Eurocentric standards of beauty. It’s a very personal piece close to my heart, almost biographical if I removed the fantasy elements. Despite minor edits needed to tweak it, I suppose this is what helped: write from the bottom of your heart; tell a story honestly and sincerely. I’m delighted to have my first flash piece included in Remixt.

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