It has been a week since my friend and honors college roommate Melissa passed away. She loved books and wanted to be a librarian; it was on her way to visit the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station that she got killed in a car accident. When I woke up to the news, it hit me like a brick wall. Since then I’d been constantly thinking of mortality, how time flies and how our days are numbered. It’s easy to take for granted, especially when things aren’t going well, but we have to do our best to appreciate every day we’re given on Earth. We never know when our time will come, or when we will lose people we care about.

I won’t forget the many things Melissa and I have done together, all those times we shared our thoughts and big dreams, how we studied abroad in Oxford together, and how she had been the 1st beta reader to critique the 1st sci-fi short story I’d ever written, which went on to get Silver Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future. She will be missed, and I’ll keep her in my thoughts and prayers always.

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