After 98 days since submission and being held for a second look on April 4th, on July 1st, Zooscape (a magazine for anthropromorphic fiction) accepted my 16,000-word novelette, “Saga of The Knapaleith.” I call it the “Arctic-foxes-in-Viking-era-Iceland” story. I wrote it with Zooscape in mind, so I’m quite happy that it found a home there, after all. It features fox language and mythos inspired by Watership Down and Icelandic sagas, which I really enjoyed writing about. In my story, the foxes have their own word for that cute/funny jump they make to catch prey in the snow. The made-up fox language I constructed is based on Icelandic. “Saga of The Knapaleith” will be part of the September 2019 issue, and I’m super excited to share it.

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