Nancy started the day with a valuable lecture on revisions (which we all needed!). Three critiques today: Mark Pantoja (“heavy metal detective” fantasy), Scott Hurff (climate change sci-fi), Laura and Rob Baranowski (continuation of their YA space opera). Walter ended “class” by discussing professional issues, contracts, and different kind of rights. This is practical stuff to know, so your rights and distribution of your work aren’t mishandled. I’ve signed a few short story contracts before, but have never dealt with contracts for novels and adaptations into movies, video games, and graphic novels. Not yet, anyway.

Rob, Brian H, Walter, Scott, Kent, Carina, and Gio in the back. Suzanne and Emily F at the table.

Pasta party at Windswept #3 (the ultimate party suite) tonight. My classmate from Europe, Gio, hosted the party. Of course, during that time, I thought of the idea to write a short story about an interstellar ER. At the party I had to jot down notes before the idea escaped me, and I was chastised for “working” at the party. Around 8 PM, I headed back to the suite to finish critiques for tomorrow.

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