Nancy covered a bunch of miscellaneous material that she hadn’t had the chance to cover on prior days: three kinds of plots according to Heinlein and Asimov, characteristics of a blockbuster novel according to Al Zuckerman, among other things. Walter had us do a writing exercise: write 15 minutes of fiction in a familiar setting (so we don’t have to spend so much time with worldbuilding). I wrote 148 words in 15 minutes, which was below average. I’m a slow writer who edits as I write. I want to be more spontaneous and willing to let the words flow. Four critiques today: Emily Wagner (dystopian sci-fi), Brian Hinson (sci-fi inspired by Apollo moon landing), Brian Lesh (urban fantasy with living cities), and Clayton Kroh (weird fantasy with feral woman). Nancy and Walter made a joint career talk on how to approach the outline, synopsis, and query letter.


In the evening I read stories to be critiqued tomorrow and bounced ideas off of my classmates to help with building my interstellar ER short story. Sci-fi isn’t my wheelhouse, so it really helps to get pointers from people who know about the technical details to make sci-fi plausible.

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