Angel Fire Ski Lodge: where we meet for critiques and lectures 10 AM-4PM

We opened the day with an introductory lecture from Nancy Kress on scenes and how to write them well. Three critiques today: Rob and Laura Baranowski (YA space opera) (as joint writers of a manuscript, they’re treated as a single critique spanning three minutes instead of two), Carina Bissett (WWI fantasy), and Mark Pantoja (“untitled sprawling” space opera). Even though I’ve had Milford-style critiques before through Viable Paradise, I always get jittery and nervous about speaking up among a group of people, especially about sounding dumb when I speak up. Fortunately I warmed up quickly after the first critique with the Baranowskis. Between first and second critique, most of us had lunch at El Jefe Café. I was surprised that the burritos in New Mexico are much bigger than the ones in Texas. Walter ended the day with a lecture on plot and structure.

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