Nancy started the day with a lecture on the opening scene, its importance, and how to make it good. Three critiques today: Mark Bailen (hard SF with killer squids/jellyfish), Suzanne Walker (secondary world fantasy), Brian Hinson (genetic engineering SF), and Clayton Kroh (high fantasy). Walter gave a lecture on the elements of fiction. During lunch break between second and third critique, I went out for a third grocery store run and Subway lunch with the Baranowskis. Nancy then left us with a homework assignment (Homework during the summer? Laaame). At least it’s fun homework. Our assignment was to write a paragraph that fulfills five aspects of good description: it has to be brief, specific, sensory, slanted, and elusive. The paragraph has to be about a character interacting with the setting, and leave out dialogue.

After lectures and critiques ended, I hung out in the hotel lobby with Suzanne, Brian L, the Baranowskis, Scott, and the two Emilys while we worked/suffered through our homework together. After submitting my descriptive paragraph/homework assignment, I craved for decompressing at the hot tub. I used the hot tub for the first time since coming to Taos and hung out there with Emily W and the two Brians before we were kicked out at closing time.

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