Nancy started the day with a lecture on worldbuilding, and gave us a handy dandy handout on important questions to consider when building a sci-fi or fantasy society. I plan to have that handout right by my laptop while I type out notes and outlines. Three critiques today: Brian Lesh (high fantasy), Scott Hurff (hard mercenary SF), and Seth Chambers (MG story about dinosaurs). Toward the end of Brian’s critique, a bat flew into our room. Fortunately it found the open window to fly through. Emily Mah Tippetts came in at 4 PM and spent an hour and a half discussing her experience and success in independent publishing. A lot of it flew over my head, honestly, because I’m not yet at that stage in the publishing process, and I’m aiming at making it through traditional publishing. That being said, her amount of experience impressed me and there’s a lot to learn from her.

Later that evening, most people went to the Legend Grill to have dinner with Emily Tippetts, but I chose to cook my own dinner at home, then I slipped into the restaurant while they had dessert so I wouldn’t miss out on socializing.

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