Nancy began the day with discussing different ways to convey emotions while using Rachel Swirsky’s short story “If You Were A Dinosaur, My Love” as an example. Critiques today: Kate Thomas (space opera), Zhou Wen (sci-fi with cognitive neuroscience and language barrier motif), and Kent Bridgeman (secondary world fantasy with lots of dragons). As we started Kent’s critique, it started to hail. I can actually see the little balls of ice bounce off the grass. I was walking from my suite to the lodge, and I came in just in time! I’d hate to get caught in the hail. I wish I had taken a picture or recorded it, but the hailstorm came and went, and by the time “class” was over, the sky cleared up as if it never happened. After critique, we engaged in a plotting exercise to help plot out Mark P’s sprawling space opera. Lots of tape, index cards, and markers were involved.

All of us putting our heads together to manage Mark P’s sprawling space opera

At 11 PM I hung out at Emily W, Seth, and Clayton’s suite with those three, Suzanne, Mark P, and Brian H until 2 AM. We talked about everything from publications to story recommendations to reminiscence over old technology that existed before I was born, and lots of poking fun at each other in between. (I had told Mark P at some point “It’s Pokemon, not Pokeman, old man.”)

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