Without the snow, the ski slopes have to be biking trails for the summer.

Suzanne and I had planned to go hiking up a short trail at Angel Fire, but the clock kept getting reset due to stormy weather, so we were bummed that we couldn’t take the chairlifts up the mountain.


Later I went with Suzanne and Emily W to Taos Pueblo. We munched on fried bread while we waited outside the chapel for the tour. The guided tour was conducted by a member of the tribe, and we had a cute white dog who insisted on following us around. It was really interesting to hear how the Pueblo tribe came to combine their native religion with Catholicism, and they practice that fusion to this day. I couldn’t take pictures of the interior of the chapel, or inside of an open pueblo, but my parents would’ve liked how beautiful they looked.


We were pretty disappointed that we ended up not attending the Taos Pueblo Pow-Wow (today was the last day, too), because we had a hard time finding where it was held, admission ticket is separate from the village, and even if we made it, we’d only be watching the last 2 hours. At least we missed the storm and rain that apparently assaulted Angel Fire.


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