As much as I enjoy Brooklyn Nine-Nine for its hilarity and progressiveness, as an Asian female, I can’t help feeling very disappointed about the Captain Kim episode I watched today.

Sure, the B99 squad had its fair share of bad bosses and had a legit reason to be suspicious of Kim at first. But the ending really didn’t stick the landing for me.

A competent, accomplished, genuinely kind Asian female police officer ditches the 99 captain position because she felt unwelcome and wouldn’t mesh with the squad. What kind of message is that? Not a good one. Especially to Asian females like myself.

I was really excited about Asian representation that I feel is long overdue for this show. I ended up disappointed that the opportunity was tossed out the window, and Kim was reduced to a one-time throwaway character.

Even more disappointing was that Holt, my favorite in the show, who had the most reason to support a marginalized individual like Kim, and was even told by Kim how much she admired him, didn’t bat an eye at her feeling that she had to leave the 99.

Well, at least Kim wasn’t given some stereotype like being a terrible driver, for the sake of “see, character flaw, she’s not too perfect.”

Do I still like B99 overall? Yes. Am I still going to watch it? Yes. I’m just going to try to pretend that the Captain Kim episode doesn’t exist.

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