A good call, given current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, and not unexpected, since Clarion UCSD had earlier called off their workshop. Still, as part of this year’s class, I wanted to share my mixed feelings about this announcement.

Of course, part of me is disappointed that the experience every prior class has had for the past 50 years won’t be mine this year. With 6 weeks at Seattle off the table this summer, I will have to find other ways to spend it.

On the plus side, I have a whole year to get better acquainted with my classmates, and a whole year to build up hype and excitement for the workshop in 2021. My class keeps in touch through Slack, and already we’re bonding over this unique experience we’re sharing together. Prior to this announcement, we convened in a meeting with administration to discuss contingency plans. While we didn’t have to decide right then and there, many of us implied that we preferred the in-person experience over online, even if we had to defer to next year. I’m thrilled that all of this year’s instructors have said that they would be able to make the workshop in 2021. I’m not so sure if everyone in my class would be able to do the same, but I’m certainly hoping.

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