ThaiSibirBlack Wolf White Bone (2)


Looks Filipino, has a Chinese surname, is actually Vietnamese. Sorry for the confusion. I’m not doing this on purpose.

A Catholic Vietnamese-American hailing from Houston, Texas, I got my first taste of stories from true accounts of my parents’ escape from communism. Led on by the likes of C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Ursula Le Guin, and other great writers, I then frolicked into the realm of speculative fiction to the point of no return. My Vietnamese name, Thuy Anh, means “queen of the flowers,” though my green thumb is nonexistent. Reading and writing are my ways of escape, a door into a world where anything is possible. My other passions are art and science, hence my insatiable hobby of collecting “The Art of-” books, frequent visits to art museums, adding to my ever-growing stack of Japanese comics, and my pursuit into the field of medicine.

Things I usually write about: Asians, Russians, talking animals, biochemistry, neuroscience, body horror, identity crisis, family dynamics.

Twitter: @thaisibir
Furry Writer’s Guild: Sibir

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