“The Bedazzling Dragon of Vanderlyst” now available to read

My first publication for 2021 is out in the wild in the Shark Week anthology! The editor, Ian Keller, wanted to put together ocean-themed stories and since I’ve always loved the ocean and its critters, I was all on board for it. My story is about a Vietnamese dragon who’s adopted by Vanderlyst: a Norwegian circus troupe of dolphins and whales. Like “Vietnamized” in Difursity volume 1, this Shark Week story is another exploration of Vietnamese diaspora and protagonist wrestling with distance and disconnection from their cultural origins.

“The Bird and Baby” available to read

My short story on half-crow Russian plague doctors is out in the wild in Stupefying Stories issue 23! I had actually written this story in 2018, before the covid-19 pandemic, and had it accepted in the same year. 3 years later, it’s finally out. A few elements in this story are a wink and nod to two certain anime I really enjoy: Berserk and Claymore. It’s up to you to find out what those elements are. 😉

“Tiger of the New Moon” available to read


My short story “Tiger of the New Moon” has been released into the wild through the August 2020 issue of Anathema. It’s based on Vietnamese folklore that’s overlooked enough that if you google it, you can find results only in Vietnamese. I heard about it thanks to my parents. With this story, I’ve brought it over to English and put a spin on it. I had this story workshopped at Taos Toolbox, so I owe a huge thanks to my Taos cohort for the feedback that helped me make the story stronger.

You can read it for free (here).

Short Story Acceptance #15

“Tiger of the New Moon” is coming to Anathema Magazine: Spec Fic From the Margins! The story is a feminist fairy-tale spin on obscure Vietnamese folklore: Ông Ba Mươi, or the tiger known as Mister Thirty. I heard about this piece of folklore from my parents. It’s not something you can easily find online, because none of it is translated into English. This story was critiqued during week 2 at Taos Toolbox, so I owe the instructors and classmates a huge thanks for helping me shape this story into something worthy of publication. I’m really excited to share the direction I took with Ông Ba Mươi.

“Vietnamized” available to read


I have an original short story featured in an anthology with stories by furries of color. You can order it (here), or from my short fiction page.

Premise of “Vietnamized”: A Vietnamese tigress’s relationships with her parents and Nigerian elephant boyfriend change forever when a traumatic head injury renders her unable to speak English.

Made the list of recommended short fiction on Tor


“Caring For Dragons and Growing a Flower,” published in Podcastle, got on Tor’s list of recommended short fiction for April. This is the closest I’ve gotten to an appearance at Tor. Fran Wilde, James Corey, and Alix Harrow, among others, are the authors recommended along with me. I’m in good company!

“Caring For Dragons and Growing a Flower” now available to read at Podcastle


Click here to read.

Once again, the timing of Podcastle is incredibly impeccable. This very personal story was accepted on the day my dad passed away (January 13th), and today, 100 days after his passing (a special day in Vietnamese tradition), the story goes live.

This is also one of the stories that got me into Clarion West and UCSD this year.

I felt like carving out a piece of my heart, and of my parents’ experiences as Vietnam War refugees, while writing this story. I hope you like it.

My Goals For Clarion West

This is part of my preparation for those intense 6 weeks of workshopping, besides throwing stuff into my suitcase. I thought it would be a good idea to assess what I want to get out of the workshop before I go, so I can track my progress and look back to see if I had accomplished what I set out to do. I heard that Clarion is a great place to experiment and try new things, so I definitely kept that in mind while coming up with goals to achieve.

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