Genre: Asian YA fantasy
Length: 114,000 words
Premise: A coming-of-age tale following a headless lion-dancer, an exiled princess, and a lone ex-monk in search of themselves. Along the way they get tangled in a war between an empire ruled by a false king and a band of anti-monarchical radicals.
Status: Finished. Currently querying, has received a few full manuscript requests.

Genre: Asian YA fantasy
Length: TBD
About: Sequel to GUARDIAN LION.
Status: On hold until I can get GUARDIAN LION published.

Genre: Slipstream (literary fiction with fantasy elements)
Length: 88,000 words
Premise: A family saga involving enduring ties among a hundred year-old woman, her tuxedo cat made of six family members she outlived, and a homeless teen who becomes her living assistant.
Status: Work in-progress. I thought it would end as a novella, but there’s no way I can cap it at under 40,000 words. So it’s a novel now.
Updated status: Finished in February 2019! It got a few partial manuscript requests. Currently revising.

Genre: Superhero sci-fi/horror
Length: TBD
About: Unbeknownst to average people are the Splinters: immortal, disembodied beings born from death by dismemberment. Aubrey Chase, a female Navy SEAL with undiagnosed high-functioning autism, is thrust into the secret, strange world of Splinters after falling on an enemy grenade. Soon she gets caught in the crossfire of a war between the peacekeeping Nova-Burst and a Ripper whose scheme involves the destruction of both worlds.
Status: Work in-progress.

Genre: Slipstream (literary fiction with fantasy elements)
Length: TBD
Premise: Saga, a mother in Iceland, and Jeet, a father from India, find a mystical connection from the shared grief over the deaths of their son and daughter. Together they build the kingdom of Haftaara: a fantastical world born from their children’s imaginations, to attempt escaping from and coping with their loss. When Haftaara falls under threat, only Saga and Jeet can rise up as brave, strong warriors to defend the legacy of their children from destruction.
Status: In brainstorming stage. I plan to get 6k words workshopped at Taos Toolbox.

Genre: Literary survival fiction
Length: TBD, expected to be ~70,000-80,000 words
About: En route from between prisons, a female Mongol-Russian prison guard and a male Ukrainian convict survive a train wreck and wind up stranded in Siberia. They must set aside their differences and mistrust in order to survive the brutal winter.
Status: Work in-progress. On hold.