The “buy” links are for stories that are part of an anthology. Otherwise everything else is free to read online.


  • “In The Name of Science” – Infurno: The Nine Circles of Hell (buy)
    Anthro historical fiction set in WWII China and Japan
    Journal entries from a young surgeon conducting unethical operations at the notorious Unit 731.


  • “The Same Within” – Wolf Warriors Volume IV (buy)
    Fantasy set in Russia
    A mother wolf teaches her squabbling cubs a valuable lesson
  • “The Time For Giving” – Arcana – Tarot anthology (buy)
    Anthro historical fiction set in Mongolia and Soviet Russia
    An injured, stranded Russian wolf is given hospitality by a family of Mongolian horses, despite her deeds as a treacherous NKVD agent.
  • “Tucked In the Folds of Our Eyes” – Remixt (read)
    Flash contemporary fantasy
    Combines the diaspora narrative, Vietnam’s creation myth, and jabs at Eurocentric standards of beauty
  • “Hope For the Harbingers” – ROAR 8 anthology (buy)
    Anthro apocalyptic fantasy
    God lifts up damned souls from Hell to appoint them as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Death finds a glimpse of redemption in doing his duty.
  • “Bread and Butter” – Symbol of a Nation anthology (buy)
    Anthro historical fiction
    The origin of the Vietnamese sandwich with anthro water buffalos (and a French rooster).
  • “Red Beret” – Werewolves Versus Fascism (buy)
    Werewolf story set in Russia
    A half-Kazakh half-Russian Spetsnaz werewolf is imprisoned and roughed up by neo-Nazis, putting his spirit and strength to the test.
  • “Four Claws” – Insignia Series (buy)
    A Chinese princess, descended from a family of imperial dragons, is framed for a crime she did not commit and is exiled to Tibet.


  • “March of the Elephants” – Anak Sastra (read)
    Historical fiction
    My take on the true story of the Trung sisters, who led a rebellion to free Vietnam from imperial China.
    Reprint in Banana Writers (read)
  • “Solongo” – Wolf Warriors Volume III anthology (buy)
    A young Mongolian wolf embarks on his first hunt.


  • “Sunrise For The Shotelai” –A Sword Master’s Tale
    Anthro fantasy set in ancient Ethiopia
    A shotel-wielding lion hunts down soul-stealing demons that have enslaved his family.


Finished/currently submitting:

  • “Diver”
    Near-future science fiction set in Texas
  • “Phlegethon”
    Near-future science fiction set in Russia
  • “Malebolge”
    Near-future slipstream set in Texas
  • “Kirasyn”
    Secondary world Slavic-based YA fantasy
  • “The Bird and Baby”
    Historical fantasy set in 1770 Russia
  • “Our Pact”
    Secondary world Mongolian-based fantasy
  • “Twelve Midwife Fairies”
    Fantasy flash set in Vietnam